Hey Guys!!!


So it’s been about 6 weeks since my trip to Vietnam and I’m really starting to feel those post vacation blues.

You go on instagram and all that you see are bluer skies, exotic meals and Americans wrapped in saris and dashikis. And all you can think is Why can’t I be THAT girl?


I’d rather be wrapped in a Sari than some college t-shirt any day, but unfortunately, here I sit in my dorm in the middle of a deserted campus in the dead of summer, wishing that the roof would lift up and my tutoring appointments were in Maui instead of the office of the math department.

But then I started to realize one thing: I can’t do it all.

You know that phrase “You can do anything, but not everything.”? Yeah, that’s me. I want to visit every country, but that doesn’t mean I can climb every mountain, swim in every ocean as well. The beauty of being able to go to these fantastic places really lies in the fact that they are foreign, so you can recognize the differences between yours and another’s culture. I remember after coming back to America, being grateful for (relatively) clean tap water, bountiful laboratory technology, and just the opportunities that I get to voice my opinion on the US government. All of those things mean so much more once you come home.

My career is in biomedical engineering. Currently, I work in a lab for 35 hour a week and I absolutely love it. It is draining, strenuous, and tedious but I know that I am able to  make a difference in the work that I do. Currently, I am investigating the printability of hydrogels for the use of tissue engineering. I have to say it over and over again to myself to really let that sink in.

The point of this isn’t to brag about my job, right now I am just an intern anyways. But I really want to elaborate on why people shouldn’t be afraid that they aren’t doing enough. God sends soldiers to the other side of the world, along with some right outside your door. We seek to be enough, to accomplish that goal, and be recognized, and I believe that in this process we should stay focused.

I hope this was motivating to yinz and that everyone’s feeling #self-love saturday



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